Video captures man breaking into several cars at auto repair shop in Galveston

The owner at Dr. Detail says the man left behind big mess all for 'some change'

GALVESTON, Texas – Surveillance video caught a man breaking into nine vehicles at an auto detailing shop in Galveston.

The owner at Dr. Detail said the man left behind a big mess all for some change. The owner said the same man stole a moped from the business last month.

“We have the do it yourself car wash at the front, we have detailers who do it for you and the back we have a full automotive service for you,” said Jessie Ann Bradshaw, general manager of Dr. Detail.

Bradshaw said business is always booming and there are 16 surveillance cameras that are always watching.

“So even if you do something, you will be found,” she said.

The surveillance cameras caught one the thief in the act on Sunday.

“There was a man with a backpack and flip flops that was looking into all cars,” she said.

Surveillance shows the man looking inside a black truck. He tries to pry the door open with a device and before you know it, he breaks the glass. He crawls inside and stays in the truck for about seven minutes.

“His feet were hanging there, and I guess he was long enough he’s digging through the front cab is the pickup. The glove box, the consul, to under the seat,” Bradshaw said.

He even popped the lock on a toolbox.

“And there’s nothing in it it was empty,” Bradshaw said.

The thief rummaged through about nine vehicles on the property in broad daylight.

“It’s like wow why would you damage something so much just for some change,” she said.

Some of the cars were being repaired for customers and Dr. Detail said they will have to pay for the damages

“Of course insurance helps you but you still have a huge deductible and then the customer feels violated,” she said.

Dr. Detail filed a report with police, but says they couldn’t do much because there was nothing of value stolen.