Kroger donates food to community hit hard by loss of grocery store

Kroger donated food to a community that experienced great loss after the loss of a grocery store.

HOUSTON – Kroger and partners kicked off a grocery donation event Wednesday morning for the community surrounding Jim’s Supermarket, which burned down last month. The partnership is with Kroger, the City of Houston, the Houston Food Bank and METRO to deliver groceries directly to Houstonians in need.

“Usually we are in the business of transporting people, but today we are in the business of transporting food to people in need, so we are excited for the opportunity,” said METRO’s Senior Director of Contracted, Paratransit and Micro Transit Services, Art Jackson.

Volunteers packed groceries for about 400 families from an 18-wheeler and cold mobile pantry. Metro vehicles and drivers delivered the groceries directly to the homes of identified families in need.

“It’s our responsibility as a local grocer here in Houston to help these people whether they shop at our stores or not, they are still a part of our community and they are still our neighbors,” said Clara Campbell of Kroger.

Representatives from Kroger said they are doing a similar grocery donation in the area next month.

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