Customers that took misleading COVID-19 test at now-closed Houston area clinic upset with ‘scheme’

LA PORTE – The doors at the Clinica Hispana in La Porte remained close after the State Attorney General’s Office filed a lawsuit against the business Wednesday. Officials said the man that runs the clinic is not a doctor, and the diagnosed COVID-19 tests he provided were actually antibody tests.

One woman said she was upset and embarrassed that she fell victim to the scheme.

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“Because of my lack of research I was also a victim,” Jolene said.

Jolene said she and her father visited Clinica Hispana last month after experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms. The clinic advertised a quick and inexpensive testing option.

“We were told that they did test for COVID-19. They said they were accurate test and we would have our results within 15 minutes,” she said.

After waiting for about an hour, Jolene said she and her father received negative tests.

“She said it was probably a summer cold or the Saharan dust that had come in a few days before,” she said.

After a week, she said the symptoms got worse. And she said she knew something was not right. That feeling led her to the hospital, where she and her father tested positive for COVID-19.

“I should have educated myself more on the blood work testing verses the nasal swab,” she said.

Jolene said she spent $240 for the tests at Clinica Hispana. She said she paid cash and is trying to figure out how she can get her money back. Her advice to others research before you go and get tested.

“It’s a hard time we are in the middle of a pandemic a lot of people are losing jobs. A lot of people that went and got tested on their last dollars,” she said.

KPRC 2 visited the clinic owner’s home Thursday but no one opened the door.