Food prices at grocery stores on the rise amid coronavirus

HOUSTON – The next time you leave the grocery store with a cart full of food, you may also be leaving with a larger bill.

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows food prices were up 5.6% in June compared to the year before.

"Especially with the high unemployment rate, I think a lot of people will be suffering with the increase in costs," said Angie Soileau, a Conroe resident.

Numbers from the government show the price of meat and veal jumped more than 20% between March and June, and the price of poultry and eggs was up more than 7%.

Experts said the increase traces back to multiple factors, including supply and demand during the pandemic as well as people buying more food for meals at home.

Shoppers can check prices on store apps before heading out to try and get the most for their money.

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