Longtime serving staple in south Houston destroyed by fire

HOUSTON – A well-known supermarket in the south Houston community has been reduced to rubble.

Jim’s Supermarket at Yellowstone Boulevard and Calhoun Road was destroyed by a fire on Friday.

“We just saw the smoke coming out of the ceiling. We just try to get everybody out and make sure that everybody was safe,” said supervisor Wilber Wilson.

Wilson said all the workers and customers who were inside made it out the store safely.

“We saw when it started in the back and came to the front. It was just a loud boom and everything started melting,” said customer Ashley Bowles.

Customers and neighbors said the supermarket was a huge part of the community and has been around for decades. The store was known as a go-to spot for boudin.

“I’m 48 years old and as long as I can remember, it’s been here,” said customer Karla Brown.

While it is still unclear how the fire started that ultimately destroyed the business, the community is shaken by the loss.

“It’s heartbreaking. Number one, I think about the people that work at Jim’s and people in the community that walk to the store,” said customer Kayla Hogan.

“Heartbreaking, history. You know it won’t be the same on the southside of Houston no more,” said Bowles.

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