Creative device bringing families together at senior facility in The Woodlands

Locals create safe hugging for nursing home residents
Locals create safe hugging for nursing home residents

HOUSTON – A local couple created a contraption to help nursing home residents connect with the outside world amid coronavirus. This device is being put to good use at Unlimited Care Cottages, an assisted living community in The Woodlands.

“When they make contact through there, it’s just like a moment. There are tears shed and there are smiles,” said Steven Crenshaw, the creator of the device and owner of Handle With Care, a senior home safety business.

Affectionately called a ‘hugging booth’, Steve and his wife Amber Crenshaw, who works at the facility, came up with the idea after restrictions for visitors tighten amid coronavirus.

“We felt that it was important that we designed something that there could be some interaction,” said Amber, the marketing liaison for Unlimited Care Cottages.

“If you walk up to give somebody a hug that’s inside, you’re able to stick your arms through these holes like so,” said Steven.

A slab of plexiglass later with holes and specialty sleeves, this door divider is now bringing love ones together while at the same time keeping them separate and safe.

“It’s so important right now that they’re able to touch and hug. They haven’t been able to do that since March,” Amber said.

“When you can see that going on, it’s hard not to have your heart leap you know. It’s just a wonderful blessing shared,” said Buck Buckholtz, the owner of Unlimited Care Cottages.

While times have certainly changed for how people interact during a pandemic, this useful creation is helping to bridge the gap and bringing with it plenty of smiles.

”If we can make their days better, then that’s what we’ll do. And this is just a step in the process,” Steven said.

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