Animal shelter barn collapse during Hurricane Hanna while owners fought coronavirus in the hospital

HOUSTON – Gloria Hussl-Krassnig, 72, is home recovering from coronavirus. Her husband Jack, 79, is still in ICU also battling COVID-19. The couple spent a week in the hospital together after Gloria said they unknowingly contracted the virus.

“I have no clue we were so careful. I mean we don’t go anywhere but the only thing I can think of is we got it with a package maybe food for the animals,” Gloria said.

When she got home from the hospital Tuesday night, Gloria found their barn toppled over. She is now really worried about her animals.

“When we were hospitalized with (coronavirus), the barn flew completely over it fell over. And now my horses have no shelter. I’m sorry,” said Gloria as she began to cry.

Jack and Gloria run a no-kill animal shelter in Needville, supporting almost 200 animals including horses, ducks, hogs, cats, goats, chickens and roosters.

“I love my animals and they have my promise to be safe and I try to keep that,” said Gloria.

Friends said the couple gives so much to the community, not only do they care for all these animals. They also help at-risk youth by giving them jobs at the shelter.

“She is one of these people who care about everybody whether they are a human or animal she takes care of the world,” said friend Barbara Davis-Levine.

And now Gloria and Jack need help. During Hurricane Hanna, the high winds knocked over the barn. Gloria is hoping someone, somewhere can help them and fast.

“I have to think about them all the time because when it rains they are used to going somewhere in a shelter and now they don’t have any,” said Gloria.

They are hoping volunteers can come in and help rebuild the barn soon.

If you want to help you can contact Barbara Davis-Levine by phone 832-419-1918 or by email

You can also support by donating to the couple’s GoFundMe page.