Just how bad are Houston’s roads? Apparently better than Dallas’, according to this new survey

West Loop / Southwest Freeway Before construction

HOUSTON – We all know Houston’s roads can be unpleasant to drive on from uneven pavements to that occasional pothole.

A survey from CoPilot and the Federal Highway Administration has Houston ranked 22nd for the worst roads in the country. Houston currently has 28.6 percent of roadways along with 7.9 percent of highway roads in poor condition, with Houstonians driving an average of 27.8 daily vehicle miles per capita.

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping most drivers at home, construction workers were able to finish road projects a little earlier than anticipated.

Rhode Island, California, and New Jersey share the highest percentage of poor urban and rural road conditions.

According to the survey, an average of 20-25 percent of major urban roads in Texas are in poor condition.

Other Texas cities with poor road conditions include Dallas-Fort-Worth-Arlington, who ranked high at No. 12, and San Antonio at No. 31.

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