Family ambushed, robbed at gunpoint while leaving for dinner near Westbury

HOUSTON – A terrifying robbery occurred Wednesday night that was caught on camera. The victim, who didn’t want to be identified, said he was held at gunpoint and led back into his home in southwest Houston.

“One of them had a gun to my head and was like give me all your stuff,” the victim said.

According to the victim, he, his girlfriend and 7-year-old daughter were leaving for dinner when the intruders approached them in the apartment’s parking lot.

“I was about to get in my car and three gentlemen approached me with guns and took me back in my house,” the victim said.

The victim said one of the armed men stayed back with his family and took his girlfriend’s car keys and phone. While the other two men led him into the house on the 5200 block of Arboles.

“I just cooperated and gave them what they wanted until they left,” the victim said.

According to the victim, the robbery took less than two minutes and the suspects didn’t get away with much. However, the victim said they did get away with his gun.

“I honestly wanted to pull my gun out but then I realized and started thinking about my daughter and my girlfriend in the car, ‘It’s not even worth maybe shooting one of them and then my family members end up dead or something,‘” he said.

He said he is thankful that he and his family are safe.

They are now sharing the surveillance video of the robbery and the two cars he said the suspects got away in. He hopes the evidence will help the police catch the intruders.

“I hope somebody recognizes these guys. You could see their faces pretty clear and hear their voices. And the cars they drove off in,” said the victim.

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