New trend providing working parents alternative virtual learning setting for kids

With many local school districts opting for virtual learning amid COVID-19, a new trend is picking up speed in response to a need to help working parents find a safe place for their children.

Learning academies like Kids R Kids of Lake Conroe are seeking to provide a socially-distanced classroom setting for students in the Houston area.

What are education pods?

The owner of Kids R Kids of Lake Conroe wanted to be a resource for students of working parents in Conroe and Montgomery ISDs. The center works with students to complete their remote online learning while being supervised by an adult.

How does an education pod work?

They’re open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The three to four hours of remote learning are spread out across the day. Time for social interaction is also built-in.

What role with the adult supervisors play?

The teachers will act as liaisons between the parents and the public school teachers to ensure that every child is on the right track.

How much does enrollment cost?

The cost is $150 a week.

Are there are places in the Houston area offering a similar service?

Yes, New Territory Parks and Recreation in Fort Bend County is an education space in a state-licensed child care facility with wifi access. On-site staff will help students with online lessons and homework.

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