Harris County hiring compliance monitors to help manage health capacity at local businesses

HOUSTON – Harris County is now hiring.

The fire marshal’s office says they’re looking to add up to 10 COVID-19 compliance monitors. According to the county, the new hires will respond to complaints and check on businesses to ensure they’re following the coronavirus-related health guidelines.

“What we’re looking for is a 50% occupancy. We’re looking for commercial businesses to make sure that they have signage up that says people have to wear masks, employees and customers. We’re looking at if people are practicing social distancing,” said Rachel Neutzler, the Director of Communications for the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office.

The position is available to anyone with at least a high school education and preferably with a customer service-based background. Applicants must also have a clean driving record.

County officials say the positions pay between $20 and $25 an hour and new employees with be considered for full-time positions.

“They will also have a vehicle that they will be driving during the day that we will provide them,” Neutzler said. “They will receive county benefits, health insurance and life insurance.”

Due to the size of the county, she said the extra help is much needed. Neutzler said the new hires will help more than double the current compliance team. Harris County currently has five compliance monitors that handle between 45 to 50 complaints per day.

“It’ll allow us to actually get further across the county and go to these complaints a lot faster. In an economy where people have lost their jobs, this is a great way to get back into the workforce and help make the community a safer place to be,” said Neutzler.

Neutzler said the county will start by hiring six people for the job and re-evaluate if they’ll need to hire the additional four allowed by the county commissioners. Those interested are encouraged to apply.

To find more information or apply for the job, click here.

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