Ask 2: Are Harris and Fort Bend counties spraying for mosquitoes?

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The original question: Are Harris County and Fort Bend County spraying for mosquitoes?

The answer: The Harris County Mosquito and Vector Control Division typically only sprays an area if there’s evidence that the mosquitoes are carrying a disease, according to Harris County Public Health representative Eduardo Miranda.

Miranda said that even though there’s a high volume of mosquitoes due to the humidity, ground treatments aren’t done unless there’s a case and that out of the 56 mosquito species found in the Houston area, only about five of those carry disease and are targeted.

To determine if there are any mosquito-borne diseases in the county, over 250 mosquito traps are set around the city and its unincorporated areas and tested every day during the mosquito season, per Miranda.

Miranda also said that community-wide spraying and aerial treatments aren’t done unless there is a severe weather instance like a hurricane or if there are high volumes of flooding.

So far this year, only one positive mosquito sample was reported and treated in North Houston.

Here’s a look at Harris County’s mosquito-borne disease activity map:

To track down the county’s disease-causing mosquito activity, download the Harris County Public Health mobile app or visit its website.

As for Fort Bend County, a similar process occurs.

Spraying follows any report indicating that a disease-causing mosquito may be in a specific area, per the county’s website.

To view when a Fort Bend street or subdivision was last sprayed, click here.

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