Local testing site now using saliva swab for better experience

HOUSTON – A new privately-owned testing site, across from NRG Stadium, is practicing a new technique that will give patients a better experience during testing.

What’s different?

It’s the way the test is given and what patients have to go through.

Instead of sticking a nasal swab deep into your nose, this test uses the saliva from your mouth.

“So, instead of sticking a long swab up your nose, our test uses your saliva. All you do is spit into a collection vile and close the cap. We send that sample to the lab and within 48 to 72 hours we get the results,” said Cole Lysaupht, co-founder of Bloom.

The testing facility promises a far less, uncomfortable, some would say, less painful and stressful test.

So how do people like it?

On this, the second day of operation, the company gave approximately 1,000 tests.

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