Local testing site now using saliva swab for better experience

HOUSTON – A new privately-owned testing site, across from NRG Stadium, is practicing a new technique that will give patients a better experience during testing.

What’s different?

It’s the way the test is given and what patients have to go through.

Instead of sticking a nasal swab deep into your nose, this test uses the saliva from your mouth.

“So, instead of sticking a long swab up your nose, our test uses your saliva. All you do is spit into a collection vile and close the cap. We send that sample to the lab and within 48 to 72 hours we get the results,” said Cole Lysaupht, co-founder of Bloom.

The testing facility promises a far less, uncomfortable, some would say, less painful and stressful test.

So how do people like it?

On this, the second day of operation, the company gave approximately 1,000 tests.

“It was just a lot more comfortable and easy. Instead of somebody shoving a long, stick up your nose, in this place you just spit into a tube. It’s kind of gross, I guess but it’s so much nicer and less stressful,” said David Bell, of Houston.

Melissa Segovia is a surgical nurse who got the test because she heard that the results are coming in faster.

“It was definitely easier than the nose-swab test. But I did it because it’s faster. I was told I will get the results in 48 to 72 hours instead of having to wait 6 or 7 or more days,” Melissa said.

The Bloom COVID-19 Testing Center is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and then again from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The site is located at 1615 South Loop West Freeway Service Drive.

These tests are not free.

The fee is $149 and health insurance is not being accepted.

The company plans to offer this testing to about 2,000 people a day for the next two months.

You do not need to pre-register for these tests, you can just drive up and get in line.

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