39-year-old man charged with capital murder after shooting pregnant wife in her home

HOUSTON – Houston Police are investigating a deadly shooting that left a 39-year-old pregnant wife dead. The victim’s family is now looking for answers while the suspect is behind bars.

Andrea Williams brought a smile to everyone.

“She’d make anyone feel like they were loved any time you came around her,” Demeka Carter, Williams’ sister, said.

Williams’ family said they grew weary of her well-being on Friday, June 26. She was not answering her phone, the family said.

“My mom had been trying to get in touch with my sister ever since Friday. My sister doesn’t ever not answer her phone. Not for us. She always answers her phone,” Carter said.

Williams’ family, who are all from Memphis, eventually asked Houston Police to do a welfare check at her apartment complex in the 3700 block of Southmore Boulevard near Scott Street.

When police arrived, no one answered. Police said they asked a manager for the key so they could check on Williams inside. Once police got inside, investigators said they found Williams had been shot to death. She was 15 weeks pregnant, and the baby did not survive.

“We were disgusted, very disgusted,” Carter said.

For a week, police searched for their prime suspect, 39-year-old David Nathan Willis, who was Williams’ husband and the father of the child. He was charged with capital murder and booked in jail on Saturday.

“You killed her and her baby, your baby and your wife. Something ain’t right!” Carter said.

The family is waiting for the shooter to be held accountable. Williams is survived by her mother, sister, brother and 15-year-old son, who are all mourning her death.

“I just want justice for my sister,” Carter said.