Don’t miss Wrinkles the Art Car on Jay Leno’s Garage Wednesday night

Don't miss Wrinkles the Art Car on Jay Leno's Car Collection

HOUSTON – You can catch a Houston artist and car enthusiast on Jay Leno's Garage Wednesday night on CNBC.

Kimi Bainter of Montgomery said she got a Facebook message from Leno's producers late last year asking her if she wanted to come on the show with her art car.

You can’t miss Wrinkles the Hairless Cat on the road. Its creator, Bainter, is used to the attention, but she was giddy when she heard the former Tonight Show host wanted to host her and Wrinkles in Hollywood.

Jay Leno's Garage is a weekly show on CNBC where the comedian reviews cars, motorcycles and interviews celebrities behind the wheel.

Wrinkles is a celebrity in her own right-- a bright pink hairless cat, but why?

“It’s a hairless cat and I just love them, but my family does not like them as much as me. So this is my way to have a wrinkled cat,” Bainter said.

And Kimi’s done a hairy car before. In its past life, Wrinkles was Chewbacca.

“This is actually super soft foam. You can see all the dents can kids can smush it and play with it, ‘cause that’s what it’s for,” Bainter said.

Under the 12 layers of latex, spray foam, pool noodles and weather strip piping is a 2012 Nissan Versa. When she’s not driving it to schools and parades, Wrinkles is Kimi’s everyday car.

And she enjoyed sharing it with the former late-night star who kept her in stitches.

Kimi doesn't know how much of the show will feature Wrinkles, but she says Leno took her for a spin down Sunset Boulevard. Even if this clip ends up on the cutting room floor, Kimi won't forget it.

Kimi usually strips the art car every year and recreates it but she says Wrinkles’ newfound fame has earned her an extra life. She’s going to keep her going through the next Art Car Parade in 2021.

You can see Kimi and Wrinkles on Jay Leno’s Garage at 9 p.m. CT on CNBC.

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