Gunshot victim screams for his mother after crashing into COVID-19 testing site, witness says

HOUSTON – Police said they are searching for a suspect who shot a man near a Walgreens by Hobby Airport, where people are waiting in line to get tested for COVID-19.

Officers said the incident happened near the 8300 block of Broadway at around 3:50 a.m.

Witnesses said the gunshot victim drove over a sidewalk, through bushes and crashed into a truck, then called out for his mother. Bullet holes were clearly visible on the car the victim was driving.

“Pretty crazy stuff. I am just glad nobody else got hurt,” said Yesenia, who witnessed the crash.

Yesenia says she heard the crash and went over to the help the gunshot victim.

“He was like, ‘Call my mom, call my mom. She needs to know about this,‘” said Yesenia.

According to police, the victim also crashed into someone who was in the line waiting to be tested.

Police said they are now looking for the suspect responsible for the shooting after they said he fled the scene.

“It’s surprising, I just didn’t think anything like that would happen while all of this is happening [COVID-19 testing] at the same time, it’s just really crazy,” said Yesenia.

This is a developing story.