Highly-anticipated ‘Big Red’ flavored beer sells out within minutes, brewer promises to release more batches

"Big Rojo" by Islla Street Brewing. (Islla Street Brewing)

If you were trying to get your hands on the “Big Rojo,” you may be out of luck ... for now.

San Antonio’s Islla Street Brewing released a small batch of the “Big Red” inspired beer called “Big Rojo” for sale Wednesday, selling out in just minutes, KSAT reported.

According to their Instagram page, they do plan to release more batches in the next few weeks. Islla Street Brewing told KSAT that over 20 states have reached out to place an order for the beer.

To check for updates, you can visit their Instagram and Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who jumped on this gotta round! We’ll be back with another next week! and the week after that... and...

Posted by Islla St. Brewing on Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Original story follows below:

If Big Red is your favorite soda, you’re not ready for this.

Islla Street Brewing based in San Antonio is releasing a new “Big Rojo” beer, KSAT reports.

The company describes the soda-inspired beer as a “subtlety tart Berliner body, finished with REAL Big Red syrup for the iconic sweet smooth finish of the soda,” according to KSAT.

A recent taste tester described the beer as “phenomenal” and said it wasn’t overbearing with the Big Red taste.

According to KSAT, the “Big Rojo” beer was first released to the brewery’s members; however, due to high demand, the brewery will be doing a full-scale release on July 22.

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