A Texas family is renovating a 1920s sanatarium into a massive home

A family on YouTube is renovating a supposedly haunted sanitarium in Texas and turning it into a massive 8,000-square foot home. (YouTube)

This isn’t your typical fixer-upper.

A family is renovating a supposedly haunted Tuberculosis Sanatarium in Wichita Falls, Texas and turning it into a massive 8,000-square foot home and documenting the journey on YouTube.

The project started nearly a year ago, and the most recent update came this week when the homeowner uploaded a new video online.

The name of the YouTube channel is “Restoring a 1920 Tuberculosis Sanatarium.

According to the channel description, the private tuberculosis clinic was originally built in 1920 then turned into an alcohol, drug, and bi-polar treatment facility.

The new homeowner says the facility was shut down in the 1950s and remained empty until the 1980s, when it was purchased by a couple with the intent to restore the building; however, the project fell incomplete when the husband passed away and the property has been empty for eight years.

In the family’s first video, they offer a walk-through tour and unveil their renovations plans for rooms throughout the building.

The family is inviting viewers to follow the journey as they restore the sanatarium into its “former glory.”

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