Here’s how to explore the Friendswood Fairy Trail at Stevenson Park

Friendswood Fairy Trail At Stevenson Park
Friendswood Fairy Trail At Stevenson Park (Jill B. Jarvis)

Just look at this new Fairy Trail!

The Friendswood Fairy Trail is a free outdoor nature based educational activity. The Fairy Trail starts with a beautiful wood carved entry with a child size door to enter.

According to Jill B. Jarvis, the entry/starting point of the trail has nature and fairy images carved throughout and is made with beautiful cedar. It features a child sized and wheelchair accessible door. Next to it there is a tiny fairy entrance as well.

From there children have access to a mobile map (perfect for tiny fingers) with an approximate location of the houses and legend with the name and background of each character featured.

The Fairy and Troll Houses are hidden throughout the shady walking trail in Friendswood’s Stevenson Park. It is a whimsical treasure hunt to find them. The houses are hidden/built in trees or not so obvious places. Each of the houses has a door and when opened the children view the featured fairy or troll.

Each of the fairies/trolls are diverse in looks and have jobs in the park such as: recycling, volunteerism, community, healthy eating, waste prevention, native plants and wildlife, litter prevention (the litter troll even reports offenders to DMWT) and care for our environment. The trail is one mile so it is perfect for little feet.

A recent survey conducted revealed that when educational lessons are taken outdoors, children are more engaged in learning (88%), are better able to concentrate (68%), and are better behaved (65%). Kids innate desire for adventure and exploration will be fulfilled in this educational and enjoyable trail!

Address: Stevenson Park, 1100 S Friendswood Dr, Friendswood, TX 77546