Police reforms quickly take hold across America. It’s only just getting started

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(CNN) -- One reform repeals a New York state statute that kept secret the personnel and disciplinary records of police officers, leaving the public in the dark about officers' abuse histories.

Other measures, from Florida to California, ban chokeholds and neck restraints like the one used on George Floyd the day he died in police custody in Minneapolis.

Another move, inspired by the nationwide clamor for reform by protesters after Floyd's death on Memorial Day, proposed dramatically slashing up to $150 million in funding to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Less than three weeks after the death of the unarmed 46-year-old black man, officials across the nation have introduced or passed sweeping, unprecedented reforms against the double scourge of police violence and racial injustice.

"It's critically important that we don't waste yet another moment in which we're continually reminded how much both racism and the lack of police accountability persist in America," said Craig Futterman, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School.

"The only way that we're ultimately going to see better, fairer, more just policing in America is by doing something different than what we've done before."

Much work remains, according to experts.

"It's nowhere near enough," Jonathan Smith, former chief of the special litigation section at the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, said of the hodgepodge of police reforms.