Here’s how people, alumni reacted to the possibility of UT dropping ‘The Eyes of Texas’

A group of University of Texas at Austin athletes are calling on their institution to change the school spirit song from the “The Eyes of Texas” to one without racist undertones.

“The Eyes of Texas” which plays at football games and other sports events at the university was once performed at minstrel shows.

Minstrelsy was founded on the comic impersonation of racial stereotypes, specifically targeting people of African descent, and included white performers in blackface.

A two-page letter to the university was shared by dozens of Longhorns athletes on their social media accounts.

Among all issues which the Texas athletes want to be resolved, their request to drop “The Eyes of Texas” got the most chatter.

What alumni are saying

“I generally think history is history and it doesn’t need to be changed,” said Houstonian Leslie Siller.

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