Hilton Americas Houston set to host its first big event since March

HOUSTON – The Hilton Americas Hotel in downtown Houston is preparing for its first big event since the COVID-19 breakout in mid-March.

The Event

The hotel is hosting an event for a group that’s having a dinner for 200 guests in one of its ballrooms. The group changed venues due to social distancing guidelines.

“We have taken every precaution -- from the kitchen to the dining room, making sure that our team members and our guests are safe,” said Jacques D’Rovencourt, the general manager of Hilton Americas.

Precautions and safety measures

The guests will be seated at the larger 72-inch banquet rounds, which will be spaced six feet apart. There will be three people seated at each table to stay in line with social distancing guidelines. Signs have been placed throughout the ballroom as a reminder along with sanitizing stations. Servers will be wearing personal protective equipment, including gloves and masks.

“As we deliver the courses, the courses are delivered with the lids still on and our team members will remove the lids once they are placed on the table,” D’Rovencourt said.

Hilton said it has consulted with medical experts at the Mayo Clinic and other industry experts to make sure Thursday night’s rollout is appropriate.

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