Houston had the most dog attacks of postal workers in the country in 2019

A USPS mail carrier truck. (WDIV)

HOUSTON – Houston ranks as the No. 1 city in the country when it comes to the most dog attacks reported by mail carriers, the U.S. Postal Service said in a press release.

The Bayou City recorded 85 dog attacks in 2019 while Dallas, ranked No. 5, recorded 51 attacks. Texas ranks second overall with a total of 491 dog attacks statewide.

Nationwide, dog attacks fell to 5,280 in 2019, which is 200 lower than 2018 according to the release.

These are the top cities with the most postal worker dog attacks in 2019:

  1. Houston (85)
  2. Los Angeles (74)
  3. Chicago (54)
  4. Cleveland (51)
  5. Dallas (40)
  6. Columbus, OH (35)
  7. Philadelphia, PA (34)
  8. Toledo, OH (32)
  9. Denver, CO (30)
  10. San Diego, CA (29)

USPS said they are working to improve mobile technology to reduce potential attacks and safely deliver mail to residents. Devices include handheld scanners and Informed Delivery notices to notify customers of their arrival if an animal is present in their home.

“Even during these difficult times, it’s important for our customers to understand that letter carriers are still coming to homes daily and need to deliver mail safely,” said USPS Safety Awareness Program Manager Chris Johnson. “We are confident we can keep moving the trends of attacks downward, and ramping up overall awareness for everyone is the best way to do that.”

USPS will be highlighting postal worker safety next week as part of National Dog Biting Awareness Week, which is June 14-20.

USPS provided these safety tips to secure your dogs if a mail carrier arrives on your property:

  • If you receive mail at your front door, place your dog in a separate room before retrieving the mail.
  • Remind children and other family members to not receive mail when a family pet is present.
  • Postal carriers who feel threatened by an animal may be unable to deliver the mail. USPS can hold your mail at your nearest post office.

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