N-word and other vulgar language, images spray-painted on several cars in Hickory Creek neighborhood

Racist graffiti in neighborhood
Racist graffiti in neighborhood

HOUSTON – The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a man who spray-painted as many as 16 vehicles in the Hickory Creek neighborhood with vulgar language and images.

Daisja Franklin, a black woman, moved into the neighborhood last month. The N-word was spray-painted on her SUV and driveway, along with “be gone.”

The same word was spray-painted on another SUV down the street that belongs to a black family from Jamaica, and on a car across the street that belongs to a Hispanic family.

Other cars were spray-painted with male genitalia, vulgar words and scribbling.

“I was hurt,” Franklin said. “It was kinda, pretty scary at first.”

“For something like that to be written on their car was like, horrific,” neighbor Tabitha Wilson said. “I thought it was absolutely disgusting.”

A neighbor called police before sunrise last Wednesday morning when he realized what had happened. Investigators woke up Franklin, Wilson, and dozens of others.

Within a few hours, though, there was no sign of damage.

The neighbors banded together and used power washers, goo-gone and other material to remove the spray paint, one car at a time.

“Oh that was pure joy,” Franklin said. “I feel pretty good about where I live.”

“It was actually a beautiful moment of having everybody come and help each other,” Wilson said. “It was cleared up. You would have never known anything had happened, because we all came out and made sure everything was learned and everybody was taken care of.”

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