How can I get to George Floyd’s memorial service Monday?

Here is what you need to know about getting to George Floyd's memorial service Monday.
Here is what you need to know about getting to George Floyd's memorial service Monday.

HOUSTON – Houston native George Floyd’s viewing is set to take place from noon to 6 p.m. Monday and thousands are expected to be in attendance.

While there’s no official prediction as to exactly how many thousands of people might be there, organizers are preparing for large crowds to welcome Floyd home one last time.

The general public will be shuttled to the Fountain of Praise from FountainLife Center (14075 S. Main Street Houston TX 77035) and Kingdom Builders (6011 West Orem Dr. Houston, TX 77085). After guests get on the shuttle, they will be transported to The Fountain of Praise. Major traffic delays are expected in the area.

Once inside, guests can expect to pass through a metal detector, get their temperature checked and wear a mask. There are also markers on the floor for social distancing.

Guests will not be able to get access inside of the church for photos or videos. There will not be any exceptions.

Fifteen guests will be allowed inside of The Fountain of Praise one at a time to comply with social distancing rules. The event isn’t ticketed, therefore, there aren't any tickets to enter the public memorial. Guests attending the memorial will not be able to stay in the sanctuary longer than 10 minutes after viewing the body.

No large bags will be permitted inside the building. All guests must wear a mask and gloves to enter the memorial and/or private services. The private service will be live-streamed on Casual attire is permitted for the memorial service.

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