Artist paints mural of George Floyd on The Breakfast Klub

The mural is expected to be finish Thursday evening.

HOUSTON – A popular Houston restaurant in Midtown and a local artist created a new mural to honor George Floyd.

“What happened to him wasn’t right,” said Vicki Colls.

Colls and her family, visiting from Georgia, came straight to The Breakfast Klub from the airport.

“That flag means that we’re family, period. No matter what your color is, no matter what your ethnicity is,” said Colls.

Artist Reginald C. Adams wanted to focus on Floyd’s eyes.

“The eyes are the doorway to the soul,” said Adams.

An American flag covered Floyd’s mouth.

“Symbolically, it’s the oppression that has been chocking and suffocating the African and black community,” said Adams.

On top of it all are Floyd’s last words, “I can’t breathe.”

“My role is to help use that platform to spread the message, letting people know that we just can’t talk about it, we have to take action, we have to stand together,” said Adams.

The Breakfast Klub used this space to make an impact for more than a decade and inspire change.

“Our goal is to have this appreciated by Houstonians and by Americans and have the message that it’s communicating,” said owner Marcus Davis. “To be a source of empowerment and inspiration for the community.”

The mural is expected to be finished Thursday evening.

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