Murals painted to honor Houston native George Floyd in Third Ward

Mural painted to honor George Floyd in Third Ward Houston. (KPRC)

HOUSTON – Families from all over Houston made their way to Third Ward to see the beautiful murals painted overnight.

Two of the murals are on the side of Scott Food Mart on Winbern Street. The first is a picture of George Floyd as an angel with a halo that reads “Forever breathing in our hearts.” It was painted by Artist Donkeeboy.

The second mural says, “In loving memory of if Floyd, Texas Made, 3rd Ward Raised. With a street sign that says Floyd Blvd.” This was painted by Artist Young Icebox Rambo.

A third mural went up near Green Seed Vegan Restaurant in Third Ward. It is a picture of Floyd with the words, “Honoring Brother George.”

“He was a basketball player, he was a football player, he was a rapper, he was a mentor, he was a teacher, he was God sent and first of all he was a human being,“ said Floyd’s childhood friend Travis Cains.

Floyd’s friends say the community is hurt and angry and they want change. He said they want justice and they want peace.

“Floyd was about peace and love. Floyd was changing lives. He was talking to people out here who were trying to gang bang and killing each other. For Floyd to die like that man I can’t stand to look at the tv no more,” said another childhood friend.

Floyd’s friends say they want people to come here, to see the mural, to see where Floyd is from and to be part of a bigger conversation.

“There’s got to be something where the world can come see where his struggles came from where it all started from and how far he came,” Cains said.

Some members of the community also handed out T-shirts ahead of the March Downtown. The shirts with Floyd’s face and his heart wrenching last words printed across.

Trae that Truth also came out to the mural to honor Floyd. He called for peace for the people of Houston.

“I’m telling people come out peacefully that’s what the family wants we’re coming out just violent or instigating but don’t get it twisted,” Trae that Truth said.

“Please stop tearing up America he wouldn’t of wanted that know what I mean?” Cains said.

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