Katy students fight for chance to have graduation ceremony with petition drive

CINCO RANCH, Texas – Graduation is something almost every graduating senior and family are looking forward to, but COVID-19 has stolen away a moment many had been cherishing for years.

Students at Harmony School of Innovation-Katy are trying to take it back.

Students in Katy, like others across the country, have started an online petition to have a physical graduation ceremony. They believe the virtual event proposed by administrators in June is insufficient.

"Not only does our school have students that are graduating for the first time in their family, I just feel like graduation is a very important step for preparing students for the future," said senior Ashia Griffin, who is spearheading the petition.

The vast majority of high schools and colleges have opted for virtual ceremonies because of the risk posed by COVID-19. So why should these students be different? One big reason they say is because of their small graduating class: Just 44 students.

“We would have it, but with CDC guidelines,” said senior Andrea Molina. “We would be six feet apart, outside of course, so it’s less interaction.”

So far nearly 600 people have signed. That includes students, parents, and faculty. For them it's a milestone worth fighting for.

“A physical graduation, it gives us that actual cap and gown, that recognition that we want for going through 12 years of school,” Griffin said. “And that can’t be done through a computer, through a smartphone. That’s not possible.”

KPRC 2 did reach out to Harmony administrators several times this afternoon but weren’t able to make contact. The virtual graduation is scheduled for June 20.

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