Hundreds of parents, students plan surprise birthday parade for big-hearted crossing guard

SUGAR LAND – A crossing guard in Sugar Land stops traffic, especially on birthdays.

Karen Walker has brought happiness to students and parents for the past 13 years.

“She makes every kid so happy,” said mother and friend Ashlee Allen. Both of her boys attend Campbell Elementary in Sugar Land. “She is such a positive person. On your worst days, she can truly turn that around and make everything about your day be amazing."

Walker enjoys celebrating birthdays. Allen said she remembers the students’ birthdays and sings to them from her crosswalk — every year.

This time, Allen organized a parade for Walker’s birthday. She didn’t think it would be much — she was wrong.

“Thirty cars have turned into over a 100 cars,” Allen said.

Karen Walker is crossing guard in Sugar Land known for her colorful hats. (KPRC)

Walker had no clue.

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