Parents dispute playground closure in Pasadena amid coronavirus concerns

PASADENA – Despite being roped off by police tape, several families enjoyed the playground area Wednesday at Holly Bay Court Park in Pasadena.

A day earlier, a Facebook Live video captured Pasadena police speaking with a mother and her children, who were asked to leave the playground area. Police said some of the park's amenities such as the playground are closed due to coronavirus concerns.

"The officers wanted them to voluntarily not let their kids play. Well, the moms stood their ground," said Robert Jeter III, the witness who recorded the video.

Pasadena Chief Josh Bruegger said the department is informing the public of the rules.

"We try to educate them on the reason why the equipment has been closed and tried to encourage them not to use the equipment," he said.

There is a possibility of citations but not in this case.

"The decision was made at that point to document the incident, but there's going to be no further enforcement action taken on that," Bruegger said.

Even after witnessing the dispute, some families were back out he despite notices from the police. They argued they want their children to be able to play.

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