Suspect arrested after hourlong police chase faces slew of charges

HOUSTON – A Houston man who led police on a 66-mile chase across the city’s southside has been charged.

What we know

Clayton Richard Bryant, 36, is accused of evading arrest Monday while officers were trying to serve him a warrant in the 7800 block of Kirby Drive.

“Officers were in an unmarked vehicle but were wearing tactical gear, clearly identifying themselves as police and attempted to block the defendant in holding him at gunpoint giving him verbal commands to show his hands and stop,” said prosecutors during a court appearance Tuesday.

Prosecutors said another officer tried to block the suspect in but Bryant hit that cruiser and began an hourlong chase. The chase ended at 288 and Reed Road after he struck a bystander’s car and peacefully surrendered, police said.

What happened Tuesday

Bryant made his first appearance before a judge Tuesday morning where he learned of his charges. He was charged with felony aggravated assault against a public servant, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, evading arrest in a motor vehicle, aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and felon in possession of a deadly weapon.

Prosecutors said a warrant was issued for Bryant’s arrest after a judge found out the felon violated the conditions of his bond. He’s accused of robbing a victim at gunpoint in the 2500 block of Fannin Street on April 25, which led to a judge revoking Bryant’s bond on April 28. The 36-year-old was out on bond for eight cases and was being held without bond on the ninth offense.

Bryant is in Harris County Jail on a combined $500,000 bond for his five charges.

What’s next

Bryant will go before a judge when criminal court proceedings resume.