Tattoo parlors still closed after latest round of business-reopenings by Gov. Greg Abbott

HOUSTON – Imperial Tattoo Company in Sugar Land is typically a business that is buzzing with activity. However, for a while now, it has been closed.

“It costs a lot of overhead. It’s definitely been difficult,” said owner Tony Wayne.

Despite the many businesses beginning the slow process of reopening with permission from Governor Greg Abbott, tattoo parlors are one of the few still not on that list.

“Come together and help give them some guidance and let them know what we do on a day-to-day basis and how we are able to keep that chain of sterility,” Wayne explained.

“We pose no greater risk to the public than hair salons and nail salons do,” said Jeremy Miller who also owns a tattoo shop.

“We practice better sanitation than just about any other industry on that list,” Miller said. He owns Pigment Dermagraphics and while he lives in Houston, his business is in Austin.

Miller says he plans to take legal action along with other business owners he knows if tattoo shops aren’t allowed to open soon.

“We’re basically giving the government until Friday, we’ll be filing a lawsuit to make sure they actually listen to us,” Miller said.

For the time being, as far as Wayne’s shop is concerned, Imperial Tattoo is the only business in his strip mall that will still be closed after the latest round of businesses to reopen Friday.

So far, there is no clear answer as to when Wayne could see customers again.

“We’ve got tons of clients, so we have to reschedule and get back in as soon as we’re able to open. It’s just been kind of depressing,” Wayne said.

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