Local high school seniors donate graduation funds to help feed 150 health care workers

HOUSTON – The Houston Christian high school senior class is stepping up to take care of healthcare workers at Memorial Hermann’s Memorial City Hospital.

The seniors donated about $3,000 of their graduation funds to help provide 150 free lunches.

“Food is comfort for people so we thought that could be a way we could show our support for our health care professionals and our community,” said senior and student body vice president Payson Thomas.

Thomas said the money is usually used to finance a cruise around Kemah the night of graduation but once parents and students realized it would be canceled they decided to re-purpose the cash.

“We know they’re out here fighting the good fight and we want to show them that we acknowledge what they’re doing," Thomas said.

He said the coronavirus has canceled many of the memorable moments he and his classmates were supposed to have as seniors but knows that healthcare workers would be taken care of was something they could all rally around.

"People are coping in different ways,” Thomas said.

Allen Tseng, chief operating officer for Memorial Hermann’s Memorial City Hospital, said the gesture goes a long way.

“From a moral perspective, it really helps them get through the day," Tseng said.

The Houston Christian high school senior class isn’t just stepping up to help healthcare workers though.

They plan to donate $10,000 to the Houston Food Bank on Friday to help families in need.

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