Here’s how to apply for nearly 500,000 jobs available in Texas right now

HOUSTON – A wide range of job openings are all available within a click of a button.

Texans can scroll through the various postings by logging on to the Work in Texas website. (

"Don’t sit in bed with the covers over your head and wait for this to pass you need to be actively out there,” said Jamie Belinne, the University Of Houston assistant dean of career and industry engagement.

The website allows job candidates to search and navigate the website in various ways, including finding jobs associated with a certain employer.

For instance, the Health and Human Services Commission listed 1,047 jobs throughout Texas.

University of Houston listed 19 jobs, such as a police officer and an international student counselor position.

If you are looking for a specific job in your area, you can do that as well by typing in the position and inserting your zip code.

Belinne said job candidates need to do more than just apply though.

"It's more important than ever to reach out online to try and build relationships. Reach out to people in businesses and in companies that are of interest to you to say hey I'm just exploring right now I'd like to learn about your business," Belinne said.

Belinne also wants people to remember that if you are considered for a position, job interviews will most likely be done virtually through FaceTime or Zoom and that you need to be prepared.

"Don’t let your first time being an online discussion be during the interview. Practice it before you go, practice giving interview answers minimize that picture of yourself (on your screen) during the interview,” Belinne said.

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