This is how the do-it-yourself coronavirus testing sites work

HOUSTON – Harris County and the city of Houston are using COVID-19 testing kits that allow individuals to administer the test themselves. An on-site medical professional will oversee the self-administered test.

“A number of things changed pretty quickly with testing. They were all good things, but they all changed at the same time,” said David Persse with the Houston Health Department.

Here is how the test works?

Pre-register before heading to the site

To be tested, individuals need to complete a pre-screening questionnaire, which is available on readyharris.org. If approved, the individual will be registered for a self-swabbing kit and assigned a date and time for the test.

When the person arrives, the individual will be asked to drive up, roll their window up, and show their photo ID against the window. A medical professional will check the identification and pre-registration.

From a safe distance, a medical volunteer will place the individual’s prelabeled kit on a table. Then the volunteer will show the individual a step-by-step demonstration.

Here are the steps?

1) You pick up the test from the table and open the wrapper

2) Place the swab midway in the nose, rotate inside the nostril twice and then hold it inside that nostril for 15 seconds

3) Put that same swab midway into the other nostril and then repeat step 2

4) Once the swabbing is done, open the tube and place the soft end of the swab stick down inside the tube

5) At this point, the other half of the swab stick will be sticking out of the tube. You will have to break it off

6) Place the cap of back on the tube

7) Place the tube on the table

8) A healthcare professional will then carefully seal the tube in a plastic bag and place it into a refrigerated container.

Getting your results

Officials said individuals will be notified with the results by phone or email.