Fort Bend County residents attempting to flatten unexpected financial curve

Property tax sharp increase upsets many residents

FULSHEAR – Hundreds of Fort Bend County residents are attempting to flatten a different type of curve. This curve is a sudden spike, up to 10%, in their property taxes.

Realtor Doug Freer said when it comes to property taxes, property owners don't usually see such as rise.

"People would be buying up all these properties out here," he said. "If they thought that their home was going to increase by 10% in terms of market value in one year. It just doesn't happen."

For Maria Locascio, the rise translates to a nearly $40,000 increase in the assessed value of her home. She said immediately thought there has been a mistake.

Locascio lives and sells homes in Cross Creek Ranch. The development is picturesque and 10% pricier in some parts, according to the Fort Bend County Central Appraisal District.

However, Locascio said that the latest evaluation is not the true value of her home.

"It wouldn't appraise for that. It would sell for that," she said.

County Commissioner Andy Meyers said his Sugar Land home hit with a significant tax increase as well.

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