‘What we are doing is saving lives’: Charts show Houston faring well in COVID-19 pandemic

HOUSTON – Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner gave his daily coronavirus update Wednesday where he continued to stress that Houstonians practice social distancing guidelines and stay home as much as possible to help flatten the curve of the deadly virus.

Turner announced there were 52 new cases reported in Houston, bringing the city’s total to 2,331. He also reported three new deaths, which put Houston’s total at 26. All of the people who died had underlying health conditions, Turner said.

Here are some of the highlights of his Tuesday briefing:

Helping Houston

Turner was joined by the president of Reliant and NRG Retail, Elizabeth Killinger and president of the Houston Texans, Jamey Rootes.

Killinger announced that Reliant would be donating $300,000 to local first responders, healthcare workers and local non-profits as they work to provide crucial services to the community.

Of the $300,000, half will go toward the new Houston frontline fund to help get much-needed PPEs. The other $150,000 will go to the Houston COVID-19 recovery fund, which is a collaboration between the United Way and the Greater Houston Community Foundation.

Rootes is the co-chair of the recovery fund, and he said the money will go toward helping people most in need. The fund will help those Houstonians with basic, urgent needs like healthcare, food and shelter, Rootes said.

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