Thursday evening storms cause damage in Cypress, Crosby and Livingston

CYPRESS, Texas – The line of storms moved through the area pretty quickly Thursday evening, but they still managed to pack quite a punch in some parts.

Pea-sized hail was reported coming down in Crosby. A power pole toppled on the Crosby Freeway, blocking one lane of traffic.

Another spot in the storm’s crosshairs was Livingston where a tree toppled into a home although no one was hurt.

“All the tree and all the roof right now is in my living room,” said Jesus Valentin, a Cypress homeowner.

He now faces a lot of clean up and repairs.

“On the way here to the house, it was just a lot of wind and a lot of rain,” said Valentin.

His wife who was home when the tree came smashing in, suffered only minor injuries.

“Thank God, my wife she’s alive because it’s like right there you know in our living room.” Valentin said.

Down the road in Porter, large branches of a tree also came toppling down, though no one was hurt.

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