Looking for a good 2-year college? This study says these are the best ones in Texas

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HOUSTON – Two Texas schools have been ranked among the top 25 community colleges in America.

Niche.com put out its annual best colleges list, where it ranks public and private schools across the nation in categories like academics, value, diversity, and even party scene.

The data is gathered through a rigorous process that involves data gathered from student-submitted surveys, reviews and data from the U.S. Department of Education and more.

According to the 2020 ranking for best two-year community colleges, San Jacinto College and Northwest Vista College were ranked 13 and 21 respectively among the top 25.

San Jacinto in Pasadena was given a B+ grade, with As in diversity safety, student life and location. On average, graduating students make a starting salary of about $30,500.

Northwest Vista College also received a B+ and As in the same four categories, but students who graduate tend to make a lower starting salary of $28,900.

Head to Niche.com’s Best Colleges ranking to see where other Texas schools landed on the list.

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