Deemed non-essential, a Houston area business pivoted to producing shields for healthcare workers

HOUSTON – A local company is joining the cause to help protect our healthcare workers by creating and donating personal protective equipment.

When the “stay home, work safe” order was issued in March, Rapid Wristbands was deemed non-essential. However, instead of laying off his workforce, owner Chris Schoen revamped his production facility to create face shields for healthcare professionals.

“We are taking shifts," Schoen said. “We have been working 24 hours a day since the 22nd.”

Schoen bought 50 3-D printers and plans to make 50,000 face shields over the next three months. He plans to donate over 10,000 shields to hospitals in need.

“The most satisfying thing is when we take those bags of a couple hundred face shields… and know they are going to go into the hands of a doctor or a nurse somewhere,” said Schoen.

If you’re interested in purchasing a face shield head to ppe3d.com.

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