Galveston makes list of most affordable beaches in Texas

Photo: Facebook/City of Galveston
Photo: Facebook/City of Galveston (Facebook/City of Galveston)

Lucky for Houston-area residents, one of the most affordable beach trips is just a short road trip away.

According to HomeToGo, an online search engine for vacation rentals, a trip to Galveston Island East Beach is more affordable than other destinations.

The Galveston beach placed 13 out of 60 beaches for being one of the most affordable in the US. Out of Texas, Galveston ranks third out of five.

Experts at HomeToGo determined this ranking by reviewing the average cost of parking, sunscreen, beer, fish tacos, and accommodations.

For a single day, one-night trip to Galveston, a visitor will pay $8 for parking, $6.97 for sunscreen, $3.25 for beer, $12.99 for fish tacos, and $82.46 for a vacation rental found on HomeToGo within about 3 miles of the beach. In total, the day trip will cost $113.67.

Prices in the study were found using Parkopedia, leading online retailers, Yelp and HomeToGo.

The most affordable beach trip overall was to North Beach Corpus Christi, where a vacationer would likely spend $88.36. Experts at HomeToGo concluded the most expensive Texas beach trip would be to South Padre Island, where the average costs amounted to $124.74.

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