92-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s mauled by rescued dog inside care facility, attorney says

TOMBALL – Attorney claims that a stray dog mauled a 92-year-old woman with advanced Alzheimer's at a care facility in Tomball.

Mike Kerensky said his client, Norma Graves, almost lost an eye and had to have extensive stitches after the animal attacked her at the Village Green Alzheimer’s Care Home. The company has six locations in the Houston area.

Kerensky said the dog injured Graves two weeks before the vicious attack and also bit another resident. The attorney alleged that the facility adopted the stray dog, allowed it to live at the facility and roam the hallways.

'It's gross negligence and frankly, it's just stupid,' Kerensky said.

Kerensky filed a temporary restraining order against the facility to protect potential evidence like surveillance video and documents.

The dog is currently in quarantine, and Graves is no longer at the facility, according to Kerensky.

Kerensky said he is hoping this case will provide two solutions.

"One is justice for Norma," he said. "The second thing is somehow to get the owners of this facility and all Alzheimer's facilities to understand that if you are going to use dogs for companions, therapy support, they have to be properly trained. They have to be properly supervised, and you have to do it the right way."

The attorney said that an injunction hearing is scheduled for March to turn the temporary restraining order into a permanent injunction.

The Village Green sent KPRC 2 the following statement:

“Village Green Alzheimer’s Care Home is founded on the principles of dignity, respect and freedom of choice. Our care centers around nature, family, pets and music. Our pets are companions for our residents and provide social comfort. This type of community pet is encouraged by elder-care industry groups. Our home is licensed by the State of Texas and the State was aware of the pet’s presence and approved of it. We have always taken great pride in the care and comfort we offer to our residents, and families. As happens too often in litigation, Ms. Grave’s counsel has issued press releases and called a press conference apparently to disseminate false information. For example, the community pet Charlie has been placed by us at the veterinarian and has never been missing, as has been misreported. We have preserved all relevant evidence and even provided a video to Ms. Graves’ family on the day of the accident. We also immediately reported the accident to the State of Texas. We believe Ms. Graves and her daughter loved Charlie, as do all our residents and their families. Several families have reached out to us to share their experience of Charlie as a gentle, loving pet who provided comfort to our residents. We are deeply saddened by this accident at our Tomball Community and our thoughts are with Ms. Graves.”