Ask 2: Is it okay to turn on your hazard lights while driving in inclement weather?

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The question: Is it okay to turn on your hazard lights while driving in inclement weather?

The answer: Brian submitted this Ask 2 question. It’s one that a lot of people may wonder about and there are two schools of though on the matter. Some people think that hazards should only be used when your car is stopped. Others believe that hazards can be used whenever your car is in a hazardous driving situation, whether stopped or moving.

In Texas, it is legal to use your flashing hazard lights while you are moving. Hazard lights exist to make your car more visible to other drivers in any unsafe situation. That includes situations when your car is stalled on the road or situations when rain is so heavy that visibility is significantly reduced. It is up to the individual driver to decide, whether moving or stopped, if he or she is in an unsafe situation that requires the use of flashing hazard lights.

Some states only allow hazard lights to be used while a vehicle is stopped, eliminating any potential confusion by other drivers as to whether the car is moving or not. This is not the case in Texas.

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