’Save me, please. I have babies’: Listen to 911 call made by man after he was impaled by fence pole

Authorities have released the 911 call placed by a man who was impaled by a fence post while driving in Montgomery County.

WILLIS, Texas – Authorities have released the 911 call placed by a man who was impaled by a fence post while driving in Montgomery County.

The crash happened about 4 a.m. Tuesday on Highway 75 north of Shepard Hill Road, authorities said.

The driver -- who identified himself as Jake in the 911 call -- said he swerved to avoid a deer when he lost control of the vehicle and his truck went underneath a fence, causing part of the post to pierce his chest.

During the call, Jake, 24, tells dispatchers that he is going to need to be cut out and that his wife will need to be notified.

911 operator: “OK, Jake. Tell me exactly what happened.”

Jake: "I got a pole through my chest ... I’ve been in a car accident. A deer ran out in front of me (so) I swerved.”

The dispatcher asked Jake for more details and if anyone else was in the car, Jake responded that is was just him.

“I have two babies,” Jake said. “It’s just me by myself (in the truck) … I can’t do nothing. I’m pinned. Get me out.”

The 911 operator continued talking to Jake, trying to keep him calm while emergency responders arrived, but Jake could only think of his family.

Jake: “I need to call my wife.”

911 operator: “No. Stay on the line with me. Help is on the way.”

Jake: “I need to call my wife and tell her I love her.”

The line goes dead after that, but after a while, Jake called back desperate and pleading for help.

911 operator: “Jake are you there? Can you hear me?”

Jake: “Yeah. I’m here. Send help.”

The paramedics arrived shortly after and rushed to cut Jake out of the truck.

Jake: “There here! Save me!”

911 operator: “Don’t move, Jake.”

Jake: “Save me! Save me, please. I have babies … (the post) is in bud, just cut me out. Everything is going numb. Hurry up.”

Jake was taken to Conroe Regional Hospital where he has undergone multiple surgeries and remains in stable condition. The fence post went through his liver, bruised his lungs and damaged his rib cage. Doctors said he should recover, but it could take several months.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help cover medical and other costs for the family.

WARNING: The video below contains details that some might find disturbing.

Full 911 call for man impaled during crash

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