Victim robbed, dragged while attempting to sell phone on mobile resale platform

HOUSTON – A Houston woman said she is struggling to cope after a terrifying ordeal that she said she will never forget.

She said she was robbed and dragged while attempting to sell her phone on Offer Up, a mobile-driven local marketplace.

“It is was really bad," said the victim, whose identity has been concealed for safety concerns. "I stayed (for) three weeks in bed, I couldn’t even move.”

The woman said she put the electronic device on Offer Up and found a potential buyer, later identified by court documents as Daisy Carballo.

The victim said she met Carballo and her passenger at a CVS Pharmacy in Midtown. She said Carballo claimed she couldn’t get out of the car because of an injury.

The victim said she stepped on the SUV’s step-rail to show them the phone.

"As soon as I was showing them the phone, and they said they were going to buy it. They drove off,” said the victim.

The victim said a struggle ensued, and she somehow got tangled in the seatbelt as the driver sped away dragging her nearly three blocks.

“The driver she was just telling the passenger, ‘just push her, push her out,’” the victim said.

The victim said she eventually managed to get loose and fell to the ground, but was badly hurt in the process.

With the suspect and her passenger still at-large, the victim said this should be a warning to others.

"The nurses, the doctors were telling me that it was really bad injuries. That they didn’t even know how I survived,” said the victim.

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