Baytown man recovering after hit-and-run in Baytown; Driver sought

BAYTOWN, Texas – A Baytown man, who was on his way to his parent’s home, was hit by a truck Saturday morning and left for dead in Baytown.

Now, the family of 20-year-old Ray Rios is asking anyone with information on the driver to come forward.

”To leave somebody like that, only a true coward could do that,” said Gina Rios, Ray Rios’ mother.

Gina Rios said her son had stopped at a Chevron gas station around 11 a.m. near Highway 146 and Alexander Drive when he noticed the tailgate on his truck wasn’t fully closed.

A woman, who witnessed the crash, said a tan four-door truck with two men inside hit Ray Rios.

”These guys had no care in their face whatsoever,” the witness said. “The passenger looked out the window, like, “Okay.’”

”He somehow dragged himself back into his pick up truck and all he wanted to do was come home to us,” Gina Rios said. ”He drove himself like that, that beat up and battered, all the way to the house. (He) gets out of the pickup, comes to the front door, rings the doorbell. My husband answers. He falls into my husband’s arms. My husband tried to help him to get up to get to the living room and my son just collapsed on the floor.”

Ray Rios is now out of the hospital and recovering at home. Gina Rios said her son has a broken shoulder, broken ribs and a painful recovery ahead that could take months.

Anyone with information on the truck involved in the hit-and-run is asked to call the Baytown Police Department.