Ask 2: Who is responsible for the timing of traffic lights in Houston?

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The question: Who is responsible for the timing of traffic lights in Houston? Is it the city or TxDOT?

The answer: The City of Houston is responsible for the maintenance and operation of traffic signals within the city limits, even on TxDOT facilities. Specifically, the Signal Timing and Operations Section of the Traffic Maintenance Branch of the city handles all issues related to traffic signal timing.

If you identify a problem with traffic signal timing or anything else signal-related, you can report it to 311. There are multiple ways to do this:

  • Call 311
  • Call 713-837-0311
  • Go to and choose the “Submit a Service Request” menu option on the home page. You can track your service request on the 311 site, too.

More broadly, the Traffic Maintenance Branch manages road signs, street lights and pavement markings in addition to traffic signals. Any issues you need to report concerning these topics can be submitted through 311.

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