1 killed during shooting at Greenway-area store, police say

HOUSTON – An incident at a pawn shop in Houston’s Greenway area climaxed in a shooting that left on person dead Saturday, according to officials.

The shooting happened around 3 p.m. at a pawn shop in the 3800 block of Richmond Avenue, near the intersection of Richmond Avenue and Weslayan Street.

Shortly before the shooting, an argument unfurled between pawn shop employees and several customers, police said. Soon after, shots were fired by employees and a truck backed into the pawn shop’s storefront.

Neville Li works at Pepper Tree Vegan Cuisine right next to the Pawn shop and recalls hearing the shots. “We heard two gun shots and I saw a truck ramming into the store next to us and it broke all the windows,” said Li.

A suspect fled the scene in a truck following the shooting. Police recovered that vehicle near the pawn shop, but are still searching for the suspect.

The pawn shop owner said a shop employee was the one who shot and killed one of the suspects, who was attempting to rob the store. Two suspects entered the store to rob it and while one of the suspects held an employee at gunpoint, the other employee grabbed a gun and fired at the suspect, killing him, the pawn shop owner said.