Family sues FBI for shooting, killing kidnapped victim in failed rescue mission 2 years ago

Montgomery County – Two years ago, an FBI agent shot and killed Ulises Valladares during a botched mission.

The victim was kidnapped from his home in front of his 12-year-old son and held for ransom in Jan. 2018. The FBI rescue mission ended with Valladares fatally shot by an agent at northeast Houston home. The FBI said Valladares attempted to grab an agent’s gun, which caused the agent to shoot him.

While the family said that the story is impossible because Valladares was tied up. A recent autopsy report also ruled the FBI shooting as a homicide, stating “no evidence of close-range firing.”

The family, who said they haven’t had any closure, is now suing the FBI and the agent responsible for the death of Valladares, according to Civil Rights attorney Randall Kallinen, who is representing the family.

“What do you do when the government obviously killed the wrong person, and they do nothing," Kallinan said. “They don’t even want to hear from you.”

The attorney is demanding the FBI release the name of the agent and compensate Valladares’ mother and his 14-year-old son.

“They are still very heartbroken,” said the victim’s sister Brooke Pearce.

The Department of Justice determined six months ago following an investigation into the shooting that the agent in question didn’t commit a crime.

“The FBI needs to come forward. The United States government needs to come forward," Kallinan said. “(They) need to say what went wrong. They need to compensate a son who needs help from his dad.”