Pet owner heartbroken, claims family cat accidentally euthanized at vet visit in north Harris County

HOUSTON – Sophie the cat was scheduled to have a routine visit at the Suburbia North Animal Hospital but things went horribly wrong.

Sophie’s owner, Michelle Olson, claims her fur baby was supposed to get her rabies shot but instead, was euthanized by mistake.

“The appointment after our appointment there was a cat that was ill. It was diagnosed with feline aids and was to be euthanized. The syringe somehow was drawn early,” Olson said. “It was just sitting there and did not have a label on it and when the doctor asked for the rabies vaccine for Sophie somebody handed her that syringe.”

Olson claims she picked up Sophie and was taking her home when she got a call from the vet, asking her to bring back the 7-year-old feline.

“They took her back, gave her oxygen, fluids to try and flush it out of her system and gave her some epinephrine to get her heart rate going again,” Olson said.

Sophie was eventually taken to an emergency animal hospital but died two days later.

"She use to be my little shadow, she would follow me everywhere. I still catch myself turning around looking behind me, looking for her," Olson said.

Olson claims she has since filed a complaint with the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

We also contacted the board to see if the veterinarians at the animal hospital have any history of wrongdoings. We were told one of the veterinarians had been issued an informal reprimand but there were no other priors complaints on the two other veterinarians at the hospital.

Olson said her mission now is to warn others in hopes that this never happens again.

“When you take your animal to any vet, not just this particular office, but any Veterinary office, be vigilant, ask questions, ask what their protocols and procedures are,” Olson said.

KPRC also reached out to the Suburbia North Animal Hospital about the incident but they refused to comment and said they had hired a lawyer.

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